Here you can see a sample of some of the books and videos that we carry at FamilyClick. At the moment we have 50 children's books and 100 videos that you can enjoy while using FamilyClick.







Sam is a young boy who loses his silver and red balloon when it floats out his bathroom window. Although Sam is initially sad, he finds happiness in imagining the balloon’s great adventure across the world and ultimately into the hands of his Grandad Abdulla, who lives in Northern Africa.

Author: Nigel Gray
Country: Australia
Language: English
Awards: Children's Book Foundation Best Books of the Year, UK 


Meet the Zumbers. These 5 little animals have to travel through a garden, each one in its own very special transport gadget. They will each have to eat eleven donuts in each episode, to discover the secret drawing. Great way to help smaller kids to count and learn to guess and distinguish new concepts. 



The arrival of a new baby can change things in a family. This books talks about the feelings that Samantha, a toddler, goes through when a new member of the family arrives.

Author: Mary Bargerman
Country: United States
Language: English 

      With a large dose of humor, Telmo and Tula will teach children how to develop their own Arts & Crafts skills using all kind of materials: plasticine, papier mache, clay, ink, etc. Join them and their new pet, Paquito, a tiny mouse, into a world that will stimulate children’s creativity through fun.


Bob the crab and Cayle the fish are two of the greatest friends living under the sea. They're always together having a good time. One day though Cayle comes across quite an odd sight. 

Author: David Martin
Country: Canada
Language: English 

      Dave Martin is the creator of the Busy Beavers series to teach children English as a Second Language. Beavers are a funny and famous animal in Canada where he's from. They are always busy so they were an easy choice for a mascot to build a learning system around.


Although it’s not actually stated in the narrative, our character is a dog with Down syndrome. The book portrays how Daniel successfully manages the different situations he encounters in his everyday life.

Author: Ricardo Sánchez and Adelaida Marina
Country: Puerto Rico
Language: English & Spanish

      Roncho is a series for "big kids" (6 to 10 years old). Maybe it’s his bad temper, but all kind of bad things and accidents always happen to poor old Roncho, a blue dog with an attitude, who has to live with the worst of luck during his everyday activities. Instead of trying to learn from the accidents, Roncho gets even more furious each time and so, bad luck keeps hanging around him… probably forever.


The Wiener Dog Magnet - A children’s book about a monkey who buys a small dog magnet, with disastrous results, which then surprisingly turn into pretty good results.

Author: Hayes Roberts
Country: Canada
Language: English & Spanish


      Boom & Reds, a pre-school series, features a warm and friendly purple ogre, Boom,  who in every episode, will try to find out what a big crowd of peppy little mushroom-headed creatures, the Reds, are drawing in the floor. Unfortunately, the fact of Boom not being so smart will not help him, making him think about the craziest suggestions.


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